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The Transactional Real Estate Investor Show with Blair Halver

Apr 23, 2019

On this episode of the Mentor Podcast, host Ron LeGrand sits down with one of his students, Blair Halver of Mooresville, North Carolina, to discuss how Blair's entry into the real estate industry became a life-changing event that completely redefined his understanding of success. Blair started dealing in real estate in 2016 after taking Ron's course, and now he's closing three to four deals per month and making exponentially more money than he was earning in his previous field. Blair shares how using Ron's step-by-step process helped him rapidly grow his business, and how he has iterated on Ron's training with his own marketing ideas.What you'll learn about in this episode:How Blair joined Planet Ron in 2016 and now runs a successful real estate business operating in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, North CarolinaHow Blair specializes in buying contracts with seller financing and then selling properties on a lease option, in the $80k-250k marketWhat steps Blair takes to effectively market his houses, and where he finds the best buyer leadsExamples of the highly effective targeted Facebook advertisements Blair uses to find qualified buyersWhat Blair looks for in buyers, and what step-by-step process he follows to secure and close dealsHow Blair's business and team are uniquely structured to operate within two different city marketsWhich challenges were the most difficult for Blair to overcome when he was first starting out in real estateHow to access Blair's video, where he has integrated his own real estate techniques into the process he learned from Ron LeGrandWhy Blair decided to leave the television production industry to begin his real estate businessThe way to win in your market and beat every other investor is to be able to handle any seller situation that comes to you, whether they have enough equity for a cash deal or not. This is called being a "transactional engineer". Free webinar here: - How to consistently "flip" 5+ houses a month without wholesaling, rehabbing, chasing deals, or working 80hrs/wk.Blair is the founder and creator of Dealbot, a motivated seller lead generation company, and has managed nearly $2mm in marketing spend and generated over 100,000 motivated seller leads. He also buys and sells houses himself in the Winston-Salem and Charlotte NC markets, and in the past year alone has acquired nearly $3mm in cash flowing rental properties with zero money out of his pocket.MediaYouTube: Podcasts:Google Play:Facebook: